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India has a large landscape and there are lots of places where adventure lovers can visit. From Kashmir to Kerala one can easily find numerous places for adventure trips. The northern part of India is more famous for skiing, river drafting and other such activities. whereas the western and southern part of India is known for Camping, Paragliding and other such activities. It has been noted that tourists are now showing keen interest in adventure tourism. JN Rao India is organizing such adventure tours since a long time to the different parts of India. We offer both the Pre-organized as well as Customized tour packages.

Following are the types of adventure trips you would like to go on: * Skiing * Trekking * Rafting and Kayaking * Fishing and Angling * Camping * Paragliding

Following are the few places in India where tourists can enjoy the above mentioned activities: * Himalayas * Auli * Rishikesh * Darjeeling * Saputara

JN Rao India is an experienced travel agency for organizing such tours. So kindly Contact us for more details and share your ideas with us for the kind of adventure trip you are planning.