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India has a rich heritage in terms of culture, tradition and architecture. There are many places in India that are classic example of historical landmarks. To name a few there are Taj Mahal, Hampi, Khajuraho temple, Ajanta ellora caves, Fatehpur sikri etc. Taj Mahal is a symbol of love, a mausoleum of mughal architectural style. UNESCO has declared it as a world heritage site and also noted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Tourists turn out in huge numbers from all parts of the world to witness this amazing architectural site in India.

Another architectural marvel Hampi is located southern India. It is spread over 25 square kilometers. The short description of Hampi is that it is full of beautiful temples, glorious fortifications, and wonderful aquatic structures lots of ancient monuments.

Ajanta-Ellora caves are magnificent architectural places of India. They also have immense importance for cultural and mythological reasons. Khajuraho temples are in the Madhya Pradesh district of Central India. They are famous for their artistic sculptures all over the world. Talking about palaces and forts, they are lots of in western part of india, Especially in the states like Rajasthan and Gujarat. Rajasthan is full of historic palaces and Fatehpur sikri is one of them, built by the mughal emperor Akbar.

Gujarat is endowed with breathtaking architectural and archaeological wonders as it is backed by the cultural input of over 4500 years. The minutely carved stone filigree at the Sidi Saiyed Mosque is the symbol of Ahmedabad city, which has various specimens of lndo-Sarcenic (combination of Hindu & Moslem) styles, including the Jumma Masjid, the amazing Shaking Minarets, Sarkhej Roza, Shah Alam Roza and Rani Roopmati Mosque among others. Further, "pols" or maze- like lanes meander through residential colonies in the old city, an ancient example of harmonious community living. The 11th century sun temple at Modhera is an architectural marvel, as are the 863 crafted Jain temples atop the Shatrunjaya hill at Palitana. While Junagadh has a number of Buddhist caves, Rajputana architecture can also be spotted in difierent parts of the state. A number of truly unique "vavs" - intricately carved step-wells, 15th century examples of cooling chambers and water conservation, tour stories below the ground, still exist at Adalaj, Patan and Mehsana.

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