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Fairs & Festivals

Perhaps no other state has as many fairs & festivals as Gujarat does- an estimated 2000 of them. Be it the passing of a season, the harvesting of a crop, or a religious event - any reason is good enough to celebrate. Though originating in religion and mythology, they are social jamborees of the liveliest kind, where the vibrant culture and identity of the state are on display for all to see and join in. Among the most popular is Navratri, the one-of-its kind spectacle of nine nights of incessant dancing - a riot of colours, rhythm and music, amidst unmatched pomp and pageantry. Then there is the three-day annual festival of classical Indian dance with the 11th century Modhera Sun Temple as the backdrop; the Tarnetar Fair, a unique, rural, match-making carnival; Janmashtami, Sharad Utsav and a host of others. Each festival is accompanied by the carefully preserved tradition of folk dance, music and drama. The best known among these are the Raas, Garba and Bhavai. Men and women usually dance in a circle, around an earthen pot, whirling to the intoxicating rhythm of the drum, as they strike their dandiyas (small wooden sticks) in perfect timing and unison. Also, nowhere in the world does the entire state take to the roofs, when kites are flown from morn to dusk - and long after - battling each another for supremacy, on Makar Sakranti, or January 14, each year. Thousand of speckled kites dot the sky as their fliers vie for mastery in a thrilling and fun-filled free-for-all. Now an International Kite Festival, it draws enthusiastic participants and stunning entries from around the globe.