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Living history Historic monuments and sites have a charm of their own. From palaces and forts, to ancient archaeological sites and royal homes, these places offer fantastic photographic opportunities. JN Rao Tours plans customized tours, so you can visit the places you wish to, for as long as you want. India has a civilization going back thousands of years. In rural areas, as well as in cities, history is deeply interwoven with daily life in India. Old monuments, be it havelis, mosques or market places, are still used for living and livelihood. Over the centuries, different rulers have presided over parts of the country, giving each area a distinct architecture and cultural flavor. There are palaces, forts, mosques, temples, tombs, gateways, stupas, and ruins all waiting to be explored. India has 28 UNESCO World Heritage sites, out of which 23 are historical, and 5 are natural sites. Best time to visit The best time to visit India is during the winter from November till the end of February. The climate is pleasant, making it easy to travel. Foreign visitors are advised to carry their passports at all times. Some historic sites do not permit photography, and require visitors to purchase special permits in order to shoot. Most museums in India remain closed on Mondays. Site museums (those near archaeological monuments) are closed on Fridays.